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Order/Shipping Questions…

Q:        I have placed an order this weekend and received a tracking number but Fedex shows nothing – what’s going on?
Reply:  We’ll often process orders over the weekend to speed things up for Monday, however since Fedex GROUND are off weekends, packages will only be scanned into their system very late on Monday, so please allow a full business day for tracking to begin functioning.

Q:        I’m in NY and just bought an item Monday morning, when should I expect it?
Reply:  We’ll ship it out same day and since it takes 5 business days to US East Coast, you should receive it the following Monday.

Q:        Do you ship outside of US?
Reply:  Due to the high cost of shipping packages overseas, we currently only ship to Canada on a limited basis.


New Assembly Questions…

Q:        I have fully assembled my car/bike/quad and set it charging but it does not turn on, why?
Reply:  Keep in mind that many ride-on toys will not operate if charger is hooked up.
Please be sure to test the toy prior to charging – if it turns on, proceed to charge it.
If charger is not hooked up and yet vehicle does not turn on, please verify that you have connected the battery according to instructions in manual – this varies among toys but often involves hooking up a red wire to one of the red battery terminals. On other toys, it’s as simple as hooking up a white connector to battery.

Q:        The horn on my ride on car does not sound, why?
Reply:  Please be sure the MP3 cable is not hooked up to AUX port – MP3 takes precedence over steering wheel sounds.

Q:        There is a loose wire hooked up to circuit board/receiver box – should I be concerned?
Reply:  The ‘loose’ wire is the antenna for the receiver module. Some also have an “eyebolt” terminal on end. Generally, it’s ok to leave it the way it is; if desired, you may secure it to a non-metallic post. A plastic zip tie works nicely for this purpose.

Q:        My car came already charged, can I use it right away?
Reply:  The batteries do come 80% charged. So once car is assembled and everything tests out as expected, *then* set it charging for the recommended time period prior to actual 1st use. Keep in mind not to leave batteries charging for too long. Regular charge times of 6 to 12 hours is best, anything beyond 18 hrs is excessive and may shorten battery life.


Warranty Questions…

Q:        What are the warranties offered?
Reply:  This varies depending on item purchased but you can expect 6 months warranty on parts replacement covering any faulty part – just email us with original order details to info@sunnyskytoys.com and we’ll get part exchanged for you.



If you have a question or need assistance, please call us on (800)540-5190 during business hours or email info@sunnyskytoys.com


Thanks for your support from all of us at SunnySkyToys!